Intense flavour for every time you used it, like no other in the market because taste like Mexico.

Baking Cups

The perfect shape and symmetry in every use, to have the better presentations and live colours that enhance your products to other dimension with our baking cups. To remember how mexican bakery product always was.


With the concha and marranito cutter will have the same effect every single time and consistency in shape that you are looking to represent the real mexican products every single time.


With the high yield of our gelatines and concentration of flavour will help you to increase consumption and stop wasting man hours on measuring.


The smell and taste that your margarines give to the final product is the aroma of the old neighborhood bakeries.

Flour Mixes

Our flavor and consistency of our mixes will help you standarize all your bakery process and take control of your bakery once again. With the Mexican taste and longer shelves life.

Shines & Glazes

The glitz family have different flavours and have great taste, that will give you a better presentation in your showcase of your products.


The 3 leches syrup is more practical and easy to used, and will give you a high level of absorbance. Also the flan syrup makes easy the process of production.